Lynben Energy & Gas is developing a number of small scale LNG facilities co-located at production sites where gas is currently flared (routinely) providing no economic benefit and damaging the environment.  The chart above illustrates where Nigeria sits in the world rankings, i.e. it's now quoted as 7th by NNPC and the worst in Africa (Source: World Bank).

Nigeria, a country with over 150 million people, is approaching an era of economic development. Independent power plants (IPPs) are starting up around the country. Utilizing the country’s gas resource to meet its energy needs, especially electricity, will curb gas waste, and it holds great potential for growth and revenue generation.

Liquefaction technology makes gas more compact and easy to transport. With the development of LNG technology and markets, it is expected that local industries will convert from the use of diesel to gas. However, the increasing problem of pipeline sabotage by vandals—especially in the Niger Delta area, where most of the country’s oil is found—makes locating LNG plants near hydrocarbon sources a preferred option. With small-scale LNG plants, continuous LNG production and subsequent transportation to customers are achievable via truck, train or small LNG carrier on Nigeria’s inland waterways. 


Lynben Energy & Gas together with its international trading partner Phoenix Commodities www.phoenix-commodities.com is actively involved in the trading of crude oil, refined products and LNG.

With extensive refinery operations and commercial optimisation experience we seek  out opportunities to refine crude oil locally and convert into the desperately needed products for use in Nigeria.

Where refining capacity in not available or cannot be established in the short term locally, we work with our international refining partners to process Nigerian crude into the products needed.

Lynben Energy & Gas works directly with NNPC, NLNG and others to source Nigerian product underpinning our reliable and professional service.  Buyers and/or Sellers please message us with details of your requirements: