$2-5bn of wasted energy in Nigeria annually!!

Flare Gas Capture to LNG for Power Generation


  • The Mission of Lynben Energy & Gas is to be a leader in the deployment of "flare gas capture to LNG and GTL for power" projects, not only abating the damage currently done to the environment by emissions but also providing the desperately needed fuel for the generation of electric power in the form of LNG.
  • Ambata is the "Swahili" name that means to bridge, connect or bring things together.  Part of the role of Lynben Energy & Gas, is to connect and bring together the necessary ingredients in Nigeria in a sustainable way including fit for purpose technologies and the financial and human capital needed to deliver such projects.
  • Lynben Energy & Gas also makes a Solar offer in Nigeria and across Africa via its group company Arinna Solar www.arinnasolar.com